Meet Our Specialty Drinks

Meet Our Specialty Drinks


We strive as a brand to be intentional and creative in all that we do. One of the avenues through which we've demonstrated that effort is our drink menu. Outside of our core drip and espresso-based offerings, we have rotating seasonal signatures that have become customer (and team) favorites.



Summer: Cloud Dancer

Named after the Pantone of one of our brand colors, the Cloud Dancer is espresso combined with blueberry preserves, ginger beer, and tonic water, topped with heavy cream and a sprig of mint.


Winter: Midwinter Memory

A bright harmony of espresso, house-made rosemary syrup, blackstrap molasses, whiskey barrel and cranberry bitters, yuzu (yuja) citrus rind powder, and steamed milk. Rosemary is a very useful herb for winter—many of us are often negatively affected by seasonal depression and the exhausting periods of darkness during these colder months, and rosemary is known to provide therapeutic and clarifying effects on our mood, anxiety, sleep, and memory.



Spring: Jasmine Dreams

The Jasmine Coffee Dream is a specialty latte using espresso, toasted almond bitters, peach bitters, house-made jasmine green tea syrup, and steamed milk. The Jasmine Tea Dream, pictured above, combines jasmine green tea syrup, peach bitters, and tonic water.



Autumn: Foolish Tiger

Espresso, house-made persimmon and ginger syrup, cinnamon, black walnut bitters, maple syrup, and steamed milk. We named it after the titular character of the Korean folktale 호랑이와 곶감 (The Tiger and The Dried Persimmon), in which a foolish tiger comes to believe that a tiny little dried persimmon is a scarier creature than he is.



We're actively working on thoughtfully expanding our list of specialties, so look forward to new drinks coming to our shop very soon.


With love,
The Persimmon team

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