Little Forest (2018)

Little Forest (2018)


Hi everyone! Chaereen here, with a film recommendation. :)

Little Forest is a South Korean film adapted from a manga series of the same name by Daisuke Igarashi—about a 20-something-year-old named Hyewon who grows tired and weary of city life in Seoul and decides to return to the countryside village she grew up in. The story revolves around her rocky relationship with her single mother, who showed love to Hyewon mainly through the food that she would cook for her daughter.


The sequences of food preparation in this movie are absolutely gorgeous. As the story spans across all four seasons in a year, the emotions and environments of each are captured with the utmost detail.

These few frames are of Hyewon journeying through the long but fruitful process of producing dried persimmons. I thought it’d be fun to share, as one of the key ingredients in our current seasonal drink (the Foolish Tiger) is homemade dried persimmon syrup.



If you end up watching this movie (or if you already have), I hope you like it!

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