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Tanzania Bulkkot
Tanzania Bulkkot
Tanzania Bulkkot

Tanzania Bulkkot

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Origin: northern Tanzania
Producer: the Mondul Estate
Varietals: Blue Mountain & Bourbon
Elevation: 1,765 meters
Process: washed
Roast: medium roast
We taste: honey, grapefruit, & clove

Every July, we remember fondly of the times in childhood when we attended great summer festivals in Asia to watch magnificent balls of fireworks light up the night skies. Moved by those vivid colors, we roasted a Tanzanian coffee with brilliant notes of honey, grapefruit, & clove and named it after the Korean word for fireworks—Bulkkot (불꽃). Literally translated as fire flower, we hope this bright coffee accompanies a month of joy for you.

This offering comes from the Mondul Estate, part of the Burka Estate—one of Tanzania’s oldest and largest specialty coffee producers. The company employs approximately two hundred permanent staff with an additional five hundred daily staff during the harvest season. Permanent staff and their families are provided with housing on the estates, medical services, and schooling for their children, and the company pays 20% above minimum wage.