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Nicaragua Okaeri

Nicaragua Okaeri

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Origin: Dipilto, Nicaragua
Producer: Villa Guadalupe
Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
Elevation: 1,350 meters
Process: natural
Roast: medium light roast
We taste: blackberry, mulled wine, & maple syrup

Our hearts bloom with hope for the new at the beginning of the year. As we guide ourselves towards opening doors to change, there isn’t a better time to return to the roots of Persimmon—to “you are enough.” Named after the Japanese phrase used to welcome a loved one home, Okaeri (お帰り), we hope that this Nicaraguan coffee will bring you back to embracing yourself. Because you are beautiful. You are complete. You are enough.

This offering comes from Villa Guadalupe, a farm that has grown through the years to have an infrastructure with both a wet and dry mill, with an abundance of shade ideal for growing coffee in the region's particular soil.