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Ethiopia Soom
Ethiopia Soom

Ethiopia Soom

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Origin: Kembata, Ethiopia
Producer: Durame Village
Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom
Elevation: 2,100 meters
Process: natural
Roast: medium light roast
We taste: apple butter, strawberry jam, & dates

As the end of summer quickly approaches, we bring you an Ethiopian natural process coffee that will accompany us into fall. Named after the Korean word Soom (), it’s a little reminder to breathe and take a moment for ourselves, even in the rushed anticipation of fall. 

This coffee comes to us from the Durame Village of Kembata, Ethiopia. The 36-48 hour fermentation process in the wet mill, followed by a 15-21 day drying period for the cherries, results in a very complex and fruitful cup.