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Colombia Omoiyari
Colombia Omoiyari

Colombia Omoiyari

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Origin: Manizales, Colombia
Producer: Esperanza Cardenas
Variety: Caturra
Elevation: 2,000 meters
Process: washed
Roast: medium roast
We taste: oolong tea, strawberry, juniper

Our first offering of single origin coffee is from our beloved friends at Café Tío Conejo and has something for everyone. Warm and full bodied, its rich chocolate and oolong undertones are the first notes to roll over the tongue. These transition into smooth red fruit notes which then blossom into a final, bright burst of juniper.

We named this coffee Omoiyari (思いやり)—the Japanese concept that speaks to being compassionate and caring towards others, making positive change, and remembering that we belong to humanity. It’s the act of handing a cup of coffee to a stranger with an understanding nod; it’s the gesture of offering our seat to those in need on the public bus with a warm smile; it’s the reminder to those around us that they are complete and beautiful.

That is what we hope to convey to you through this coffee. The producer behind this coffee, Esperanza Cardenas, has done a phenomenal job, and we could not be prouder to present Omoiyari as our inaugural offering.