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Colombia Gajok

Colombia Gajok

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Origin: Antioquia, Colombia
Process: natural
Roast: medium light
We taste: strawberry jam, blueberry wine, & fresh cream

The word Gajok (가족) means family in Korean. Growing up, May was a month filled with celebrations around family for me, from Children's Day (South Korea) to Mother's Day (America). I also want to dedicate this coffee to my chosen family here in Philly—thank you for your kind words, care, and relentless support for Persimmon. We are who we are because of you. - Chaereen 

Located in the Antioquia Department, Santa Barbara Estate was founded over 40 years ago be Pedro Echavarria. Much of the estate processes their coffee using the traditional washed process, making this a very limited and unique offering. The combination of high altitude, volcanic soil, and skills results in one of Colombia’s best natural process coffees.