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Ethiopia Noeul
Ethiopia Noeul

Ethiopia Noeul

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Origin: Kembata, Ethiopia
Producer: Durame Village
Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom
Elevation: 2,100 meters
Process: natural
Roast: medium roast
We taste: strawberry, kiwi, dark chocolate

This offering comes from the Durame Village in southern Ethiopia, where the coffee is cultivated in soil ideal for growing high quality beans. This particular lot is a natural process with the fruit left on the coffee cherry as it dries in the sun, it has delightful notes of strawberry and kiwi, finishing with hints of decadent dark chocolate.

While we were pondering over the name of our second coffee, we came across the Korean word Noeul (노을), describing the glowing sun as it sets at the end of the day. As we move forward in this new year with change in the leadership of our country, Noeul fills us with hope for a brighter tomorrow—just as the sun gives way to a time of reflection and rest under a clear, starry night. If our second offering could play even a small part in reminding all of us to take a moment to breathe before engaging in the work that remains ahead of us, we would be grateful.